Following the meeting that was addressed by the Minister of Local Government and Housing, Professor Nkandu Luo at the Zambian High Commission in London on 17th April, 2012  whereat Zambians in the diaspora were urged to take part in investing in differrent sectors to aid the construction of housing units in Zambia, a group of Zambians met on 7th May, 2012 to chart the way forward of how to participate in this investment idea.

A decision was taken to form an investment network called UKUKULA to which any interested Zambian is free to belong and invest. This will be a member governed network where all investing families will be represented on the management board in order to promote transparency and integrity in the management of funds.

The networ has set itself a target of raising £30, 000 in the next six months to kickstart the whole project.  The network members will make monthly investments in a designated account in the United Kingdom. 

A follow up meeting  is scheduled for bank holiday, 4th June, 2012 at 10:00 hours.  Those interested in attending and/or investing are welcome to attend.  Expressions of interest and more details can be provided by requesting for them at